The Firefly’s Sex Life Has Been Upset

As artificial light blocks out the sky, The firefly’s sex life has been upset. Their mating patterns might now go awry, With light emitting diodes causing fret; And even though the males want to beget, The females do their flirtations suppress. Are population numbers under threat? On the short-term the fireflies flash less, Whilst longer-term … Read more

Within Those Husks a Poison is Stewed

The rice in the field is a staple food, For near half of the world’s population; But within those husks a poison is stewed, Causing hair loss and life termination.   Growing new crops with low arsenic content, Should soon give us a long-term solution; But what can we do right now to prevent All … Read more

No longer all at sea

The seabirds help our coasts to live and breathe, Perched delicately across the food web. But watching as they fly and gently wreathe, Their numbers do not flow they only ebb; For the past sixty years has seen loss seethe, With seventy per cent caught in death’s web. And now we cast our eyes as … Read more

The Rain it Continues to Fall

Record-breaking rainfall has surged, A thirty-year trend has emerged; Reminding us that we are small, The rain it continues to fall.   A global growth of twelve per cent, Means flood risk is on the ascent; Compared to a stationary stall, The rain it continues to fall.   As air temperature does increase, More rain … Read more

Contrails Cast Shadows Across Azure Skies

Contrails cast shadows across azure skies, As jet exhausts do freeze in cold, moist air. But we have just begun to realise The great effects of what happens up there.   By studying two sites that were the same, Apart from the presence of those white streaks, Research has shown the shadows are to blame … Read more

The Coral has a Chance (Shame that Chance is Us)

The warming of the seas signals the end For many living gardens in full bloom; The bleaching of the coral is a trend, The killing of the algae bringing doom. But there may yet still be some breathing room, Some species can these warm waters withstand; Their spreading larvae could yet lift the gloom. To … Read more

Who’ll Save the Seagrass?

A flowering home for turtles and fish, These mixed seagrass meadows harbour much life; Moving in currents with a gentle swish, Net global warming is less when they’re rife. By burying carbon deep beneath The sediment, stacked high in metres thick. Excess carbon deposits it could sheath, But now they are dying at rates too … Read more

Soil Diversity is Great

Soil microorganisms are a pest, Releasing petagrams of C O two As a by-product of what they digest. Whilst nitrogen deposits do accrue, More harmful greenhouse gases will ensue. But if the soil diversity is great, Small animals can then graze their way through These microorganisms at a rate That may reduce the feedback before … Read more

The beekeepers are wondering what to do

The beekeepers are wondering what to do, Their stock has fallen by forty per cent; They scratch their heads and only wish they knew What the demise of their poor insects meant. For whilst the winter loss rates now were few, The summer losses were on the ascent. Backyard keepers blamed the varroa mite; As … Read more

The Blessed Birds Will Sing No More

The Blessed Island was so poorly named, As from that day in March the land was cursed. Did Nature feel that mankind should be blamed? The Earthquake caused the safety valve to burst.   And now as we research and class the scene, We observe that the radiation falls In time will this seem like … Read more

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