The beekeepers are wondering what to do

The beekeepers are wondering what to do, Their stock has fallen by forty per cent; They scratch their heads and only wish they knew What the demise of their poor insects meant. For whilst the winter loss rates now were few, The summer losses were on the ascent. Backyard keepers blamed the varroa mite; As … Read more

The Blessed Birds Will Sing No More

The Blessed Island was so poorly named, As from that day in March the land was cursed. Did Nature feel that mankind should be blamed? The Earthquake caused the safety valve to burst.   And now as we research and class the scene, We observe that the radiation falls In time will this seem like … Read more

The Oceans are Dying

The Oceans are dying; can this be so? It happened before, so scientists claim, One quarter of a billion years ago Will it happen again, are we to blame?   All marine creatures almost left the game Volcanic eruptions then caused the blow Now it’s mankind that has entered the frame The Oceans are dying; … Read more

An Ode to Old Pliny

Born to a Noble Family shortly after BC Gaius Plinius Secundus was he, Or Pliny to both his family and friends At 23 he fought German barbarians.   Bored of the fighting he moved back to Rome And in grammatical textbooks soon found a home, Writing about history and collecting with tact Over 20,000 accounts … Read more

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