If Bowie were a Scientist

If Bowie were a scientist

He’d have colonized the moon,

And built an elevator

That would have us there by noon.


If Bowie were a scientist

We’d all have free energy;

Tesla would be his guru,

We’d be no longer all at sea.


If Bowie were a scientist

He’d have cloned more than a sheep,

There’d be unicorns and dragons

And we’d count them in our sleep.


If Bowie were a scientist

There’d be no more starvation;

He’d have grown some freakish crops,

Enough to feed each nation.


If Bowie were a scientist

He’d have disarmed every gun;

Peacefuls would have stopped the war,

We could concentrate on fun.


If Bowie were a scientist

We’d all have a hover board;

There’d be no more feeling low

With our pacifist warlord.


If Bowie were a scientist

There’d be no global warming;

Polar icecaps would return,

A new age would be dawning.


If Bowie were a scientist

You know there’d be time travel;

We’d use it to be heroes,

Our bad deeds we could unravel.


If Bowie were a scientist

I know he’d have the answer;

If Bowie were a scientist,

He’d have found the cure for cancer.

Fabulous science (Photo Credit: AVRO)
Fabulous science (Photo Credit: AVRO)

An audio version of this poem can be heard here.

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  1. Wonderful imagination.Is is possible to send riddles in chemistry ? I have some of riddles on various topics. If yes then i can send to you for the science festival.

    Best wishes for the festival.



    Bibhuti Narayan Biswal
    Principal, Sri Sathya Sai Vidyaniketan,Ganeshvad Sisodra,N.H No-8
    Navsari- 396463, Gujarat , India E- mail: bibhuti.nb@gmail.com

    1. I am a macromolecule used in non stick cooking wares.
    Made up of tetrafluoroethylenes,
    I am used in industrial appliances.
    Who am I ? Ans :- Teflon
    2. I am a type of plastic.
    I am not having any property of elastic.
    When you throw me in soil I can undergo decomposition
    Due to me there is chances of less soil pollution.
    Who am I? Ans.: Biodegradable plastic
    3.I am a conducting polymer uses principle of internal reflection.
    I am used for Telecommunication & wave propagation
    I’m responsible for distant communication
    Who am I ? Ans : Optical fibre
    4.I am a substance essential for a living being to perform the basic functions.
    I am present in the form of vitamins.
    Who am I ? Ans : Biomolucules
    5. I am the process for chemical union of two or more molecules.
    I am capable forming more larger molecules.
    Who am I? Ans.: Polymerization
    6.In polymer addition of sulphur retards Oxidation ,
    Because of me polymer shows high elasticity & low water absorption.
    Name of process . Ans :(vulcanization)
    7. I am a condensation polymer,
    Made up of hexamethylene diammine & adipic acid as precursor
    I show high mechanical strength, rigidity and thermal stability
    I am used in fibres for textiles, making of various machine parts, and many other house hold utility.
    Who am I ? Ans: (Nylon 6 6)
    8. I am a condensation polymer
    Prepared from terephthalic acid & ethylene glycol,
    I am crease resistant ,drip and dry in nature,
    You can use me as garments having characteristic of wash & wear
    Who am I ? Ans:( Terelene)
    9.I am a commercial polymer obtained from methyl methacrylate,
    I am used in manufacture of lenses, skylights and window of aircraft.
    People commercially called me Perspex or Lucite
    Identify me. Ans: PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate)
    10.I am a polymer used for artificial floorings and curtain clothes,
    In every house they used me as rain coats, hand bags & toys.
    In electrical industry they used me as insulating materials.
    I am the polymer of several vinyl chloride molecules.
    Who am I ? Ans: Poly vinyl chlorides(PVC)
    11.I am a polymer looks very stiff and hard ,
    I can be made soft when organic molecules you add.
    di-n-butylphthalate, dialkyl phthalates are some of my members,
    Without me you cannot soften any polymers .
    Who am I ? Ans: Plasticizers

  3. Dear Dr Samuel,

    If there is a chance to attend chemistry conference via social media, please let me know.



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