Musical Measurements of the Spheres

Astronomers have used asteroseismology, the analysis of star vibrations, to precisely determine the distances of stars from Earth.

Symphony of the Stone Age

Stone Age people in Northern Israel used bird bone instruments, 12,000 years ago, possibly for communication, hunting, or music, and thus challenging the notion of them as primitive.

Ancient Shell Sounds

Abandoned at the mouth of your shelter you quivered apprehensively at our approach, crying out to be held as we proclaimed the exception of your

Sounds of Senescence

Moving swiftly across the swamp the sparrow tentatively spreads out his territory; a phonic palisade, which he surveys with vain conviction. Contented in solitude, he

A Musical Sound?

When someone’s voice is on repeat, You might begin to tap your feet; As into music, words do change, Sometimes the sounds we hear are

A Musical Cavity

I sit down in the waiting room, The radio barks out some tune; My surgery will soon begin, I wish that they’d turn off that

Unknown Pleasures

Disorder in your massive core, A candidate that we adore; With every pulse that passes by You sweep across the darkest sky.   An insight

If Bowie were a Scientist

If Bowie were a scientist He’d have colonized the moon, And built an elevator That would have us there by noon.   If Bowie were

Do We Manipulate the Way We Sound?

When we first hear the way that others speak, Do we manipulate the way we sound? When filtering emotions we do tweak, To make sure

Rhythm is Not Just Man’s Conquest

Rhythm is in the heart of man, We play with it from when we’re young; It lays down roots and helps us plan, Bunga bung