Rotifers on Ice

Tiny specs of white hidden underfoot, rings of cilia lined up to blow frozen kisses against the earthy, dirty glass. Sawed. Stored. Thawed. We break

California Haze

Crackling branches snap in the heat, as smoke cascades like filthy waterfalls across the burning embers of this heated, hated land. An unbottled genie launched

Toxic Seaweed

Rafts of golden brown drift across the sea, leafy suburbs providing food, refuge, life, for the flotsam of fish that bathe between your branches. Filefish,

A Land of Darker Green

A shadow falls across this land, unseen shades that consume the light and expose elder memories to the brilliance of their imperfections. Mischievous systems loiter

Burning Lichen

Yellows, blues, greens, and silvers dance across the forest floor; prismic patterns cascading beneath the canopy to saturate in shades. Yellows, blues, reds, and oranges

Spongy Trails

Sluggishly you sweep across the sea, ceaselessly stimulating your supposed sessility as you secrete spiky streams through dense, porous skeletons. Interwoven spicules that suggest clandestine

A Bronze Map of Stone

Embalmed in earth, your chiselled contours lay dormant in another’s chamber; rivulets in rock congealed with dampened soil until we break you free and into

Ghost Forest

Surging seas and weeping waves advance along your coast, probing buried channels as they break through the shoreface to drag briny fingerprints across weathered limbs

Poisoned Tusks

Jutting from the salted froth your solitary canine flashes in the midnight sun, revealing wrinkled rivulets that labour under our insignia; ivory forget-me-nots of all

Whaling Away

In the name of progress we pour your honeyed ichor down the jagged throats of our unquenchable machines, launching broken vessels to coax you from