Guest Post: The Gravity Poem


It was She in the singularity, who showed Her face at the beginning of time, who in the muted cacophonous explosion danced the guapacha.

A pullulating symbiotic relationship formed, as the string section played a riotous symphony of discordant mayhem, that was eloquent silence.

Defeated by the fervid furnace of creation, Her intendment became fruitless. She could do no more than give a long stretched wave and enjoy the moratorium.

She was fettered in the dark ages, yet waited with serenity, assured of no senescence. She waited till the primordial soup had texture and taste.

Time would come, when She could give birth.

She made no sound, yet, was heard and obeyed. She: The Creator, was always obeyed. It was time. Time to draw them out of the dark ages and into the light.

They beckoned her calling and one became two. From clutch to cluster. Multitude to myriad. The few became the countless. There was no solitude.

Her arms wrapped around them but this was no mothers caress. She was the Goddess Of Creation. The Universal Animator. The Permeate Immortal.

Her ubiquitous touch gained more purchase as numbers increased. The unwavering grip of the Omnipresence became undisputable fact.

She squeezed until molten passion ignited the very core of existence. Spinning and dancing at the very heart. So hot that fusion became imminent.

A star was born, Her first child.

She made no sound nor showed Her face yet gave birth to countless children. She was the mother of the stars, the planets and their orbiting sons.

Yet She that could give life, could take life away. And when the inevitable demise of Her children crossed the horizon She would commit the unspeakable crime. Filicide.

Her outstretched arms would still be around them as She crushed them and watched them die. The inevitability of nature. The futility of intervention.

Her torrid and tempestuous history is written in the celestial heavens for all to see. Her wave is not a greeting but a statement of Her elysian power.

Her child has died but may live again.

A computer-generated image of a Higgs interaction (Photo Credit: Lucas Taylor / CERN)
A computer-generated image of a Higgs interaction (Photo Credit: Lucas Taylor / CERN)

This is a contribution from HSEDocs, who were inspired by LIGOs recent discovery of gravitational waves, with the poem personifying gravity as a Goddess, who falls in love with matter (Higgs Boson particle), creates children (the stars and planets), then eventually commits filicide.


A spoken word video of this piece can be found here.

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