The Skies Perpetually Revolve in Vain

Out amongst the dense, and yet seemingly empty fabric of space the Plasma starts to accrue, piercing through distant lands and unseen skies.   Building up into supermassive jets that extend beyond galaxies and perpetually Infiltrate our tiny collective consciousness, every time we happen to revolve.   A gentle ripple …

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Guest Post: The Gravity Poem

  It was She in the singularity, who showed Her face at the beginning of time, who in the muted cacophonous explosion danced the guapacha. A pullulating symbiotic relationship formed, as the string section played a riotous symphony of discordant mayhem, that was eloquent silence. Defeated by the fervid furnace …

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Our Universe Beats Like a Heart

LIGO has found waves without light, In finding them Einstein was right; General laws of his were smart, Our Universe beats like a heart.   Looking for two black holes to crash, In faith they searched for the backlash; Glory to those who played their part, Our Universe beats like …

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