In Search of New Life

Far into space, amongst the darkest Sea New planets sit like marbles in a row. We turn our eyes to find out what might be And search for patterns in their ether’s flow; Then try to see what else might lie below. And as we probe how life’s rich web was spun, Do they look … Read more

Building Materials

By building a new Minecraft mod, Researchers found a way to turn A world that was both fun and odd Into a place where Steve could learn.   Replacing wood with elements And buildings with experiments. A learning tool that rewards skills, That people want to play for thrills! This is a Rispetto, inspired by … Read more

Solar Stranding

The waves assault an unfamiliar shore, As bodies writhe beneath the azure sheet; And astral squalls prepare their tools of war.   Cascading whitecaps far above the floor Conceal the lines where sky and ocean meet; The waves assault an unfamiliar shore.   Gigantic bubbles venture to explore Beyond the confines of their solar heat; … Read more

Crustacean Cloning

Split into two, I glisten in the shallow shore. Split into two; A bitter taste of déjà vu. You guard me with a tender claw, Before deciding I’m worth more Split into two. This is a Rondelet, inspired by recent research that investigates the relationship between the Lybia crab and a sea anemone species belonging … Read more

Sonnet to Science

Science! true daughter of Old Time thou art! Your reason built the grounds on which we stand. But now the time has come for us to part – You don’t fit in with what I have got planned. So cover up your insights with my lies, And bury all your findings underground. I’ll cloak your … Read more

A Fake Diamond in the Sky

Your pockmarked face conceals a hidden truth, Guarding your age like some resentful crone And leading us astray with dreams of youth. A replica of our most precious stone, Brought down by men whose footsteps fouled your home, Reveals to us when your decay set in. Your secret is no longer one you own; We … Read more

Self-Medicated Memories

You sit there, gently trembling in your cage – The tones ring out; the floor begins to hum. The sudden shock of pain you cannot gauge; Your body’s limp and everything feels numb.   The tones ring out; the floor begins to hum; Frozen in place because of abject fear, Your body’s limp and everything … Read more

A Synthetic Thread

The gossamer of human life Sways gently in a passing breeze. A whisper on a callous knife – The gossamer of human life. You take away the sting of strife, With artificial growth to please. The gossamer of human life Sways gently in a passing breeze. This is a Triolet, inspired by recent research into … Read more

The Leap Second

Time is reality – A reality that we have broken down And subjugated by splitting it into fractions That match the constructs Of our lives and actions. Thinking that we can constrain Its ceaseless movement by Deciding to refrain From measuring it in solar days or atomic units.   The people in charge have told … Read more

Sprouting Success

Some people find sprouts most delicious, Whilst others think they taste quite vicious. But some researchers found That when freeze-dried and ground, Their capacity is quite auspicious.   This is a Limerick, inspired by recent research published in RSC Advances which investigated the potential for Brussel sprouts to be used as materials in supercapacitors. A … Read more

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