The Peppered Moth

Arising from our ashen pit of toil, As forge and mill did shape this unkempt land; The blackness of the trees from coal and oil, Contrasted with the skin nature had planned. A single, fragile pearl encased in jet, Your pallor marked you out for all to see; In contrast …

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Rough in Love

The African fruit fly is rough in love, The male uses his organ like a sword; Its rough edges will cut as it does shove Into the partner he chooses to board. Some females have evolved a way to skirt These unromantic gestures from their kin; By cross-dressing as males …

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Does Evolution Have its Roots in Love?

Why do we place such emphasis on love, Should we just not go forth and multiply? Instead of that person sent from above, Could we not mate with any girl or guy?   The Zebra Finch will choose a mate for life, Raising their young as an efficient team; But …

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