A Cold Wind Blows No More

Researchers have thrown us a new curve ball,

That whilst cold snaps might now seem like the norm

The surface heating variance will fall.


And as this variation takes its form,

These surface changes will start to commence

The global climate really to transform.


Less frequent cold snaps seem like common sense,

But are not caused by temperature alone;

Models have shown that this is no pretence.


So this is what the new research has shown:

As Arctic regions become less extreme

Cold spells will become less and less well known.


But is there hope from a wavy jet stream?

Not in this researcher’s most foolish dream.

A thing of the past? (Photo Credit: Richard Johnson)
A thing of the past? (Photo Credit: Richard Johnson)

A Terza Rima about how climate change will NOT result in harsher winters, based on this research article.

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