Guest Post: Our Sisters

Let grief be her final
Expression of love
O angels, free swiftly
The heart’s aching tug

In stoic resilience
She fought to survive
With proud inclination
Our sisters now thrive

Adopted and cherished
To cherish she sought
So tenderly nurturing
As nurturers’ taught

Though toughest of obstacles
Dogged her steep path
She conquered each challenge
As dawn conquers dark

A Goddess with backbone
The fight so divine
Free her heart to prosper
For her heart’s like mine

Dame Stephanie Shirley (Photo Credit: Lynn Hart)
Dame Stephanie Shirley (Photo Credit: Lynn Hart)

This poem was written for Dame Stephanie ‘Steve’ Shirely by Priscilla ‘Sapphira’ Silcock, and also appears here. Priscilla is a singer/songwriter and burlesque artist called Sapphira. Recovering from a severe bi-polar episode she reinvented herself on the London cabaret circuit over 10 years ago.  Founder of the burlesque academy, Sapphira’s Showgirls, her goal is empowering women’s self-expression.

On International Women’s Day let’s celebrate all the amazing women in our life, but remember how far we still have to go to close the pay gap. Please everyone, take 2 minutes to Pledge For Parity now.

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