Natural Building Blocks

In hollowed holes of Knotted cells, Tensile echoes Bubble beneath the surface – Frothing with potential As they wait to break Free from the confines Of their cellular walls. Synthetic solutions: Nurtured in nature.   Tangled webs of Dew-lined geometries Glimmer gently, Their native silks Bearing broken bodies That belay …

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Growing Pains

You glide across your silky precipice, Enticed by spasms at the edges of your kingdom; You see nothing, Just a loose thread caught in the wind. Suddenly, movement – You do not sense the vibrations Beneath your feet, But from the air above. A shadow falls across your web as …

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Beating our Fears

Within the darkest webs of hidden fear, Bejewelled, unblinking octaves start to glow; The thought of spindly forelegs looming near, Can cause our buried angst to throb and grow. To overcome the horrors we can’t name, We must become exposed to what might be; In dealing with this enervating shame, …

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