Caged Poems

This week I am helping colleagues from The Cooper Group at the University of Liverpool discuss the fascinating world of molecular cages, as part of the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition. As part of the exhibition, I wrote the following three poems to celebrate the diverse science that can be achieved with molecular cages, and … Read more

No Assembly Required

Self assembly: the need for stability Molecular design and structural clarity Semiconductors to polymers, can we use Physics with chemistry to use less energy? This is the winning poem from an event that was run on the 29th March at The Science Museum, London in conjunction with the Royal Society. Researchers from The University of … Read more

Sprouting Success

Some people find sprouts most delicious, Whilst others think they taste quite vicious. But some researchers found That when freeze-dried and ground, Their capacity is quite auspicious.   This is a Limerick, inspired by recent research published in RSC Advances which investigated the potential for Brussel sprouts to be used as materials in supercapacitors. A … Read more

A Damsel in Distress

That dark patch of water looks cool, A perfect spot to just kick back. Why is that rock starting to drool? Please help me I’m under attack.   No choice but to swim for my life From this cruel dusky dottyback! Goodbye to my children and wife, Please help me I’m under attack.   Its … Read more

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