No Assembly Required

Self assembly: the need for stability

Molecular design and structural clarity

Semiconductors to polymers, can we use

Physics with chemistry to use less energy?

A photo of the winning poem from No Assembly Required by Harmohan Sahota.

This is the winning poem from an event that was run on the 29th March at The Science Museum, London in conjunction with the Royal Society. Researchers from The University of Liverpool, Cardiff University, and Manchester Metropolitan University hosted an exhibit called No Assembly Required as part of the Next Big Thing event, which featured a series of activities that aimed to demonstrate the process of self-assembly in a fun and interactive manner.

The Self-Assembly team after a successful & enjoyable evening.

One of the activities required participants to create poetry using the most popular words from journal articles written by Dr Anna Slater and Dr Tim Easun. These words were made into fridge magnets (beautifully handcrafted by Anna), which participants then used to create pieces of poetry. As the winning author, Harmohan Sahota will receive a fine collection of science poetry.

A Timelapse of the No Assembly Required exhibit can be viewed here, and the full collection of self-assembled poetry can be read here.

An audio version of this poem can be heard here.


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