Growing Pains

You glide across your silky precipice, Enticed by spasms at the edges of your kingdom; You see nothing, Just a loose thread caught in the

A Trick of the Light

As you follow this series of letters To yet another series of letters, Your eyes become accustomed to the pace. You scan across each inky

The Sound of Shapes

The soothing sound of blue floats past my sight, I open up my eyes to hear a shape; The colours and the music are not

You Shed Your Brain for Winter

The taste of winter lingers in the air, As distant cousins, all head off to sleep; Yet you are wide awake and have no lair,

Fearful Fromage

We wish to carry out a test To find which food I most detest? Edam is good. Do you agree? Please take that cheese away

Bird Brained

How can we say our brains evolved to read? When we have only just begun to write; There must be something built into our sight,

Sweet Learning

Poor learners really aren’t to blame, They cannot switch what’s in their brain; The hippocampus is at fault, For making their connections halt.   It’s

A New Old Memory

Now open your eyes to see an old face, An old face that somehow seems new. Straight to the point, and yet without a map