Clouds of broken visions lay in wait

When satellites let out their final breath They must be mapped and never left in peace, For fear of their reprisal after death   The latent destruction caused by a piece Of broken manmade construct is so vast, And with each jettison it does increase   All remains less than grapefruits are miscast; To track … Read more

Where Water Was

Your reddened skies and barren soils conceal A frozen mass, but once it was a sea Infrared telescopes can now reveal What could and should, but never was to be.   A mighty ocean spanned the northern realms With winding river delta, and with lake And whilst deuterium now overwhelms; The absence of its sibling … Read more

Mars None

Signing up to the new frontier, Travelling to no atmosphere. One-way ticket to the unknown, Knowing there’s no direction home.   Voyaging in to the abyss, Never a chance to reminisce. Resistance now simply an Ohm, Knowing there’s no direction home.   Searching for life, to let one go, New sets of dice you get … Read more

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