Where Water Was

Your reddened skies and barren soils conceal A frozen mass, but once it was a sea Infrared telescopes can now reveal What could and should,

Mars None

Signing up to the new frontier, Travelling to no atmosphere. One-way ticket to the unknown, Knowing there’s no direction home.   Voyaging in to the

Painting the Clouds

Looking up at the milky, sapphire sky Sulphur butterflies in my titanium gut My purpose to counteract some oversupply Existing to add in order to

Now Wally is no longer found

The white and red cap stands alone His best friend has dropped the bone AI has lost its lower bound Now Wally is no longer

No Distance Left to Run

A descent deep down into the red, red mist Staring now into that black, unknown abyss Presents left unopened, the champagne on ice   First

The Satellite

Shining, Speeding, Twinkling Flying, Manmade object, shining, speeding where? New horizons twinkling, flying, there!  

A Lacks of Decency

Lost to us in nineteen hundred and fifty one A mother, a daughter, a human being Ethics overridden by a hurried income Lost to us

The Turing Point

Never have we owed so much to just one With humble gratitude so badly sung Did we treat you as man or as machine?  

Ode to Marie

Oh! Marie to have known you would have been bliss To have walked with you in Paris divine Watching you tear down the intellectual parti

UAV or not to UAV

Gently humming in the autumnal breeze Gliding overhead like a wicked dream The black sheep of research, the UAV   Not spitting out fire or