The Nose Knows

More than a bronze nose, His eyes helped shape the night sky. And in his own words, He lived like he was a sage Yet

An Ode to Old Pliny

Born to a Noble Family shortly after BC Gaius Plinius Secundus was he, Or Pliny to both his family and friends At 23 he fought

A Big Epigram

If science and religion cannot coexist, Then the Big Bang presents quite an ironic twist. Discovered not by an atheistic beast, But by Georges Lemaître,

The Rondeau Bloop

The thumping sound of a breaking heart, Heard across the ocean blue, By sensors continents apart; The thumping sound of a breaking heart: A sound

The Pantoum Corpse

Dead legs kicking in the air After an electrical current applied Was this a step too far? Frog legs were only the start After an

Arctic Methane

Since the Industrial revolution in the 18th Century, Methane levels have gone up by almost a factor of three. And whilst termites and bovines have

The Ballad of Werner Forssmann

When strolling once in old Berlin I was stopped by man and violin For two coins in his new tin can He would play me

A North West Wind Blows

A dissenter by birth, and in Kendal well trapped, But at twenty-six he left it behind. In Manchester, John Gouge’s knowledge was tapped, A case

Pierre, Remembered

Springtime in Paris, A life illuminating Ended by a horse