A Quantum Key to a Classic Problem

Has science reached a new frontier, A quantum mess launched in to space; To combat growing doubt and fear, A first step in an unseen race.   A quantum mess launched in to space, On board a nanosateliite; A first step in an unseen race, To correlate two beams of light.   On board a … Read more

Clouds of broken visions lay in wait

When satellites let out their final breath They must be mapped and never left in peace, For fear of their reprisal after death   The latent destruction caused by a piece Of broken manmade construct is so vast, And with each jettison it does increase   All remains less than grapefruits are miscast; To track … Read more

No Distance Left to Run

A descent deep down into the red, red mist Staring now into that black, unknown abyss Presents left unopened, the champagne on ice   First contact with a new and virginal loam Silicon heart bursting to tell those at home Signals all wrapped up in packages to send   Tentatively extend my first solar arm … Read more

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