Plastic Lobsters

Emerging from a coral cocoon you drift towards the surface, feathery legs dancing beneath the waning light of a harvest moon. Perched beneath the waves you hover between worlds, bobbing bug-eyed at metal giants that pass in the night; their limbs of fraying rope and steel beyond the scales of …

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Gnawing the Permafrost

Buried deep beneath the tundra, frozen bodies lie asleep, waiting for the trumpet call to raise them from their peaty beds. Saturated with the fossilised remains of a menagerie of forgotten kingdoms, their broken lineage piling up into a carbonated device of disturbing consequence. Pressed against these treacherous soils, the …

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Lost in the Glow

An image of light pollution

Breaking free from sandy beds you race towards the water’s edge; lunar compass perfectly attuned to the faintest glimmer of starry nights, and the worlds of distance in between. Constellations align, as you cleanse the sands from the sea’s rotting discharge; custodian of the dunes you cruise the coastlines, bearings …

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Trees of (Urban) Life

Smothered beneath a sombre blanket of white lines and greying skies, eyes desensitised to your jaded complexion as our lives play out in stilted monochrome. Suffocating outside the sureness of your emerald embrace, we wilt in the heat, our voices muffled by the deafening absence of your hushed serenity. Shuffling …

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Unearthing the Clay House

An aerial view of site of Por-Bajin

These ancient frozen soils supress secluded secrets, our speculative stratigraphy too coarse to expose the folly of your foundation; panning for timelines that slip through the holes of our weathered chronology. Leafing through trees we count off the years, bypassing the infestations and other anomalies that seek to mask the …

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A Snake in the Wetlands

A tiger snake in the wetlands.

Carved from the swamps, we dredged your home to make way for our own; squaring the deal with metals that were no longer precious. Their caustic arrival painting our castoffs in violent hues of indelible ink; a technicolour of toxicity that leached across the landscape. Slithering through the sediment like …

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Celestial Cloudscapes

Secluded worlds hide secrets from our cold, prying eyes, suffocating starlight in the heat of their embrace.   Lost beneath the contrails of a smoggy methane haze, we conjure up impossible visions; draping distant lands in sparkling, precious mists.   Ruby clouds dissipate, buried in the plausibility of every grain …

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Giggling Guano

Beneath cloudy, frigid skies outcrops of fertilised laughter glare knowingly from sneering seas; their steady retreat stained by the crooked smile of those who know the joke, has gone too far. We trace lines in the filth, dowsing for patterns in droppings; faces contorted to manic snarls. Monochromatic waves ripple …

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Moonlight Pollination

Beneath Diana’s pale embrace, two moths shimmer in the starlight; waltzing through moonbeams, as they flicker across the cool embrace of noon’s forgotten corsage. Suffused with smoky browns their earthy tones glimmer in the gloom; bellies sticky with the latent gratitude of their unexpectant hosts. Timidly, they retreat into the …

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Fanning the Flames

The sky is ablaze.   Waves of dirty yellows wash over the ground, as crimson smoke licks barren clouds that loiter jeeringly overhead.   Fuel litters the floor, its perilous potential scattered absently across the detritus; the cost of its appearance obscured by the multitude of our transactions.   Silhouettes …

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