Genetic Unmarking

Beneath empty plaques and unmarked plots, the misplaced dead lie resting. The blankness of their generic monuments a simple sleight of hand: these fragmented piles

The Black Giant’s Collapse

The Earth has set the sky ablaze with glorious hues of orange. Strombolian explosions spew incandescent blocks, emerging from the Throat of Fire with biblical

Footprints in the Himalayas

The crest above the grassy plains dominates the outlook; its raw-boned peaks threatening to pierce the very fabric of the sky, as beneath its jutting

An Entanglement of Whales

Basking in the tainted gloss of west coast rays, these once frigid waters overflow with sustenance, enticing anchovies to cavort along the coastlines; their corporeal

Sounds of Senescence

Moving swiftly across the swamp the sparrow tentatively spreads out his territory; a phonic palisade, which he surveys with vain conviction. Contented in solitude, he

Housing Benefits

Not all heat is made equal.   Between streets stained red with the indelible ink of discrimination, the clammy embrace of federal excess can still

Premature Migration

In swathes of fractured colours you wheel across unbroken skies, a kaleidoscope of memory drifting between seasons; patterns shifting sensitively to the subtleties of scale.

Consuming CO2

Entrenched in an endless cycle of external consumption, the intractable habits of your daily transgressions castigate your presence; a scourge on the environment you inhabit.

The Inglorious Dangers of Space

Floating between distant horizons, you dance upon a fraying thread; turning somersaults as butterflies threaten to break free from the fragile anchor beneath your flailing

Traces in the Fog

Born into violence: the offspring of mixed aggressions, traces of sickly silver quickly infiltrate our atmosphere. Toxic clouds that sail the zephyrs, spurting their entrails