Woody Infestation

Vines and climbing plants are more likely to infest smaller trees in Southeast Asian forests, with significant implications for global carbon storage and climate change.

Shrinking Rhinos

Over the past century, rhino horns have likely shrunk because of hunting. This has been documented by scrutinising over a century’s worth of photos.

Buzzing Electricity

Aerial insects carry an electric charge, with some insects, such as honeybees having a similar effect on atmospheric electricity as weather events.

Shipwrecked Sediments

Eighty years after it sank, a World War 2 warship is still polluting the local ecosystem.

Washed into Dust

The Salton Sea, California’s most polluted inland lake, is turning into toxic dust caused by a decline in Colorado River flow.

Forecasting Day Length

There has been a key breakthrough in the quest to accurately predict fluctuations in the rotation of the Earth and so the length of the day.

Fruitful Gifts from Busy Bees

Planting hedges and flower strips in orchards helps to support wild bee communities, thereby improving pollination.

Water Stress

Five years after the onset of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, there is a prevalence of depression and post traumatic stress disorder amongst its residents.

Bottlenose Alliance

Dolphins have been found to form the largest alliance network outside of humans.

Tracing a Plague of Rabbits

DNA profiling has been used to show that the invasion of rabbits across Australia in the 1800s was likely triggered by a single introduction event.