Plastic Lobsters

Emerging from a coral cocoon you drift towards the surface, feathery legs dancing beneath the waning light of a harvest moon. Perched beneath the waves you hover between worlds, bobbing bug-eyed at metal giants that pass in the night; their limbs of fraying rope and steel beyond the scales of …

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Natural Building Blocks

In hollowed holes of Knotted cells, Tensile echoes Bubble beneath the surface – Frothing with potential As they wait to break Free from the confines Of their cellular walls. Synthetic solutions: Nurtured in nature.   Tangled webs of Dew-lined geometries Glimmer gently, Their native silks Bearing broken bodies That belay …

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A Plastic Paradise

At the far edges of the world, Hidden deep amongst the Raging seas and rising waves Laze a series of secret atolls and coral coves; Remote islands that are almost entirely Untouched by human hands. Untouched by human hands, But maimed by the detritus that those hands have wrought. As …

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