Nuclear Transmutations

Scientists have developed a new technique to make nuclear waste safer by transforming it into stable elements, inspired by neutron star observations, promising advancements in clean energy and waste management.

Residual Snakes

Swapping Geigers for scales we sweep the landscape for leftovers, searching for residue that clings to the surface like scalded shadows. Slithering vicariously across the

Salting the Earth

Spat out in the aftershock of atoms that we forced apart; their separation strategized for the marriage of our consumptive convenience. Radioactive entrails that litter

Testing the Age of Sharks

Ageless giants glide beneath the waves, their stunted snouts sagging coyly at the impertinence of our horology. Careless in its caducity, one swims too close

Rewilding Fukushima

After the accident the forest returned, blanketing forsaken machinery in a gentle, unfamiliar embrace. Stacks of contaminated televisions lie in heaps, repurposed as shelters for

Contaminated Land

Ancient submerged volcanoes Rise up from the ocean floor, Their tips littering the landscape As tremendous shadows of the past Cast a barely visible film

Where the Wild Things Are

The sky lit up with careless ease, We left you as we fled the scene. A distant whisper in the trees, The sky lit up