Foraging Fungi

Ignoring classical concepts of exploration and exploitation you strategise your advance across fabricated labyrinths that embrace your occupation. With reckless abandon your feathery limbs race

Elephants from Space

Mechanical eyes drift across horizons, capturing hidden choreographies on the patchwork cloth of your vast abode. Grey on green on green on grey, your pixelated

Melting Lakes

Golden rays of winter’s sun pierce through the roof-shingle of the channel-sky, forbidden warmth enfolding frozen robes that shudder at the touch of an assumed

When the Mangroves Disappeared

Deep beneath the dunes fossilised roots whisper golden memories of emerald lagoons. When sapphire seas lapped tenderly at knotted feet, bathing sunken stems with the

Lunar Flow

Ancient forces dredge secrets from beneath the seabed, undulating stimuli unearthing memories of a long-buried past. Rising and falling with the passing tide dark shadows

Damming Loss

Returning to forsaken lands you cautiously rebuild your island homes; every log, branch, and mud pile pressed on with the precise hesitancy of re-colonised dreams.

The Smell of Coral

Stony gardens of shifting light sway vibrantly beneath the waves; rainforests of the sea, whose motely splendour permeates still waters with a pale and delicate

A Complexity of Life

Scattered across the sea the fossilised fingerprints of your invisible touch proclaim the coincidence of our lineage. A single point from which we all emerged,

Mercury Sinking

Spat out from the murky exhalations of our impetuous industry you drift into the firmament, tainting its continence with your coarse and filthy touch, trickling

A Rolling Wind Gathers the Moss

Spread out like a living blanket of dewy jade, the fire moss basks in its ubiquity. Verdant carpets that stretch out across the forest, over