Consuming CO2

Entrenched in an endless cycle of external consumption, the intractable habits of your daily transgressions castigate your presence; a scourge on the environment you inhabit. Eschewing independence, your gluttonous palette moistens as disposable feasts line up before you; their limitations beyond the focus of your insatiable gaze.   The consequences …

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Rising Infection

In sweltering swamps, you seethe And sweat. Shedding layers to Acclimatise to the rising heat, Learning to bask in the warmth Of its embrace as you spread Invasive tendrils to test the Boundaries of your habitat.   Your colonies have not entered Our consciousness.   Hiding behind the certainty of …

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A Dusty Eviction

Within the grimy creases of our home, Lurk microbes poised and floating in the dust; A sullied sign that we are not alone.   We treat these scrounging tenants with disgust, Yet most of them just want to co-exist; To which our incensed manners seem unjust.   By letting sunlight …

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