Lingering Smoke

Stubborn stains swirl across the room, as yellowed rugs and mottled drapes swish callously in stifling drafts of vice. Surfaces soaked forever in the selfish

Uneven Water

Swirling underground, invisible toxins leach into view. Potent cocktails of mismanaged waste that ebb and drift and flow. Flow into wells that hide in plain

Experience of Violence

Thank you for taking the time to reflect on the proximities to violence in your life and social networks. You said you personally know X

Scratched into the Past

Greying apparitions scurry silently down hirsute paths, nestled amongst the cloying warmth of flaking skin. Their crude cement seeps across the contours of our ancient

Fading Transmissions

Drifting into pseudo space, you count imaginary miles falling past your vessel in their artificial multitudes. Volunteered to exile, you reach out across the simulated


I don’t have more free time. I have felt burnt out, compelled to refrain from complaining about doing schoolwork, about loss of income, about living

Whaling Away

In the name of progress we pour your honeyed ichor down the jagged throats of our unquenchable machines, launching broken vessels to coax you from

Unlocking Letters

Reams of dead letters hide correspondence beneath purposeful cuts and folds; the contents of their written past locked tight behind the paper-thin veneer of this

Ancient Shell Sounds

Abandoned at the mouth of your shelter you quivered apprehensively at our approach, crying out to be held as we proclaimed the exception of your