A History of Soot Preserved in Feathers

When gliding through our old and rusty skies, You filtered out the wheezing, blackened air; A century of progress built on lies, Now captured in the feathered down you wear. The smut and ash th­­­at billowed from our hearth, Concealed the dirty secrets of our past; So, when you flew no more and fell to … Read more

What Manchester does today, the rest of the world does tomorrow

This city is alive with music, magic and dance Underpinned with an industrial heart That beats with the vibrancy of scientific discovery. From the transit of Venus to the first railway station, Manchester has a place in the soul of our nation; With Turing’s ‘baby’ computer and the first test-tube baby, This is a city … Read more

A Brief History of Science

Let us begin, as with all things in Greece Where science was used to bring about peace Thales the Milesian foretold an eclipse; With the Saros cycle he’d come to grips. Empedocles gave us the humours four And then cried himself immortal before Into a volcano he thought to dive; We speak of him now, … Read more

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