Artificial Pain

When something that once was has gone, It lingers in a phantom land; You find the strength to carry on, Then close your eyes and feel your hand.   It lingers in a phantom land, With memories left in your brain; Then close your eyes and feel your hand, You do not imagine the pain. … Read more

Sweet Learning

Poor learners really aren’t to blame, They cannot switch what’s in their brain; The hippocampus is at fault, For making their connections halt.   It’s proteins that we must disdain, Poor learners really aren’t to blame; C-R-E-B and GABRA5, Determine if recall can thrive.   If one is high and one is low, Then learning … Read more

The Harmful Enclosure of Many Lands

If your soul hurts, this is what you must do: Look out upon the spilt blood of the land, The necklace of the Earth, its sapphire hue, A homestead of the prow, encased in sand. Then build your house next to these spaces blue, Away from parks and where mankind has fanned; Remember when you … Read more

They Carved Your Name into My Arm

They carved your name into my arm, I hoped you’d be my lucky charm. My body shakes, I’m wracked with pain, I won’t ever do this again.   No wonder I was in alarm, They carved your name into my arm. My body drained, I’m feeling sick; Immunoglobulin went quick.   As time goes by … Read more

Are We to Blame for What We Risk?

Walk in and put it all on red, You’ll win it all or loose your head; Your fate rests with that spinning disk, Are we to blame for what we risk?   By playing gambling games with rats, Researchers found their habitats Were more than just an asterisk; Are we to blame for what we … Read more

As Cancer Leaves us in the Dark

As cancer leaves us in the dark where is the light? We need some way to track new drugs as they embark In vivo through our bloodied tubes to take our fight; As cancer leaves us in the dark.   Fluorescent proteins can produce a guiding spark, Yet must be galvanised before they give us … Read more

Lives Without Imagery

When everything that was goes with a blink, We turn to our mind’s eye to recollect; Our loved ones, when we close our eyes to think, To reappear, and memories resurrect.   We turn to our mind’s eye to recollect, Then pray for our lost, cherished conscious streams To reappear, and memories resurrect; Whilst aphantasia … Read more

Bolognese and Salsa You Should Ditch

Gout is a type of arthritis in joints; One that’s predominant in the big toe, It can occur when urate disappoints, And lingers even though its time to go.   Once you have gout there are certain food sorts, Which can cause it to flare out of control Then urate crystals will build up like … Read more

Obesity is Rising

Obesity is rising in LA Could draconian measures save the day? A fast food amnesty was set in place, With South Los Angeles to test the case; A five-year study found it was in vain.   The weight grew like the queue at a buffet, And healthy eating sank like a soufflé; Waistlines expanded at … Read more

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