Moonlight Pollination

Beneath Diana’s pale embrace, two moths shimmer in the starlight; waltzing through moonbeams, as they flicker across the cool embrace of noon’s forgotten corsage. Suffused with smoky browns their earthy tones glimmer in the gloom; bellies sticky with the latent gratitude of their unexpectant hosts. Timidly, they retreat into the …

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An Invisible Disorder

Your yellow petals shine with amber glow, And glisten in the cool autumnal breeze; Yet whilst I love the golden arcs you throw, It is not me you try so hard to please.   Then when the solar light is viewed just so, Your petals spark a ghostly, violet glow; …

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Flowers for Mosquitos

The Asian tiger mosquito’s a pest, It’s a vector of death-causing disease; In urban locations it makes its nest, And whilst the sun is up it flies and feeds. It started out in Southeast Asian climes, But shipping has caused it to spread its wings; Now in America it plots …

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