Tolerating Distress

Creating environments in which Cookie cutting is placed On precarious pedestals As the peak of workplace Productivity – Whilst new moulds are Shattered into a million Pieces before they can Travel from neural pathways To production lines – Is an extremely effective Approach to promoting Intolerance, Frustration, And stagnation, In …

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Curiosity Did Not Kill Schrödinger’s Cat

Why am I a scientist? Partly due to personal perseverance And perspiration. But I wouldn’t even have had the chance To work Up A Sweat If I had not been encouraged from an early age That the world was my experimental stage. So, when I asked my mum and dad …

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Curious Dunes

A distant sun sets over reddened lands, As ripples lay before you like a wave; Try reach out with your cold, synthetic hands, And touch the ground that will become your grave. These unscathed marks are footprints in the sands That shackle you and bind you like a slave. Your …

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