Rats and Restoration

Restoring island habitats by eradicating invasive rats and reintroducing native plants can boost seabird populations, enhancing nutrient cycles and ecosystem health.

Flukes and Floats

Reducing fishing gear more effectively prevents humpback whale entanglements in California’s Dungeness crab industry compared to costly, data-intensive dynamic management strategies, ensuring marine safety and uninterrupted fishing.

The Giraffes of Bénoué

The critically endangered Kordofan giraffe in Cameroon faces threats from poaching and habitat loss, with fewer than 300 individuals remaining.

Rays of Hope

Despite the global decline in manta rays because of over fishing over the past 50 years, reef manta rays in Indonesia have been recovering and thriving, mostly due to long-term conservation and management measures in the region.

Elephants from Space

Mechanical eyes drift across horizons, capturing hidden choreographies on the patchwork cloth of your vast abode. Grey on green on green on grey, your pixelated

Rediscovered Frogs

Across tropical concert halls, the air vibrates with the sound of a thousand voices; a living orchestra concealing its decline with the vivacity of each

An Unwanted Tomb

With lines on maps too hard to see, Some call for less transparency; The nightmares of an orange clown, As walls go up the life

A Battle of Conservation

The island shores run red with blood, As vermin stalk and kill their prey; A grisly, feather-strewn display, As flights are culled with deathly thud.

A Disappearing Shadow

Dappled silhouettes amongst the trees – A lost memory of verdant lands. Your fragmented impressions Have disappeared from view; All that remains is An empty