Warming Clouds

Between synthetic, parallel lines drawn across artificially constructed maps, the clouds begin to form. Climbing upwards like giant anvils of cotton candy, a trick of the scattering light projecting apparitions across the skies.   Oscillating between imagined landforms, these vessels of rain and ice drift tirelessly across tranquil seas and …

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Secreted Shiptracks

Drifting beside western coasts of uncovered continents, metallic leviathans stretch their sunken limbs. Hinged jaws spitting sulphurous seeds that linger beneath the ether; clouds condensing to float through the air with steady, rhythmic slur.   Hidden from view these artificial barrels of rain line up in formation; secreted shiptracks that …

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Painting the Clouds

Looking up at the milky, sapphire sky Sulphur butterflies in my titanium gut My purpose to counteract some oversupply Existing to add in order to cut   The launch begins, but am I ready to go Apparently there was no choice In those distant skies I will dilute their blue …

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