Between Sky and Sand

Ancient Roman forts across northern Fertile Crescent have been mapped using declassified Cold War spy satellite imagery.

Scratched into the Past

Greying apparitions scurry silently down hirsute paths, nestled amongst the cloying warmth of flaking skin. Their crude cement seeps across the contours of our ancient

A Bronze Map of Stone

Embalmed in earth, your chiselled contours lay dormant in another’s chamber; rivulets in rock congealed with dampened soil until we break you free and into

Ancient Shell Sounds

Abandoned at the mouth of your shelter you quivered apprehensively at our approach, crying out to be held as we proclaimed the exception of your

An aerial view of site of Por-Bajin

Unearthing the Clay House

These ancient frozen soils supress secluded secrets, our speculative stratigraphy too coarse to expose the folly of your foundation; panning for timelines that slip through