Some Unfortunate Boars

There once were some pigs north of Java, Whose warts needed a balaclava. Whilst a new study found, That their numbers were down; Endangered without

Going North for the Winter

I feel the powder beneath my feet; A sickening howl to the south, But I know that I am safe And so I dance with joy.

We Pray That We Will Find Silence

At the bottom of the ocean, In a mariner’s trench so deep That Hillary could have climbed it, We pray that we will find silence.

These Flying Beasts Are Hooked on Junk

The white storks glide across the sky, Migrating south in times gone by; But now like Burroughs in his funk, These flying beasts are hooked

They Carved Your Name into My Arm

They carved your name into my arm, I hoped you’d be my lucky charm. My body shakes, I’m wracked with pain, I won’t ever do

Guest Post: Our Sisters

Let grief be her final Expression of love O angels, free swiftly The heart’s aching tug In stoic resilience She fought to survive With proud

If Bowie were a Scientist

If Bowie were a scientist He’d have colonized the moon, And built an elevator That would have us there by noon.   If Bowie were

Guest Post: The Gravity Poem

  It was She in the singularity, who showed Her face at the beginning of time, who in the muted cacophonous explosion danced the guapacha.