The Decline of Animal Rights

Speciesism is defined as the assumption of human superiority leading to the exploitation of animals. Yet new research has found that this is a behaviour that is likely learned during adolescence, with children thinking that animals ought to be treated better.

Sustainable Fruit

The moriche palm is native to South America, with the female palms producing an edible fruit that is hugely important for local communities. Sadly, cutting down female palm trees to harvest the fruit has halved the total amount that is available. Yet adopting more sustainable practices, i.e. climbing the trees to harvest their fruit instead of cutting them down, could result in an increase in fruit production of 51%.

Deadly Diets

A globalised diet of ultra-processed foods is having a negative impact on both human and planetary health. These foods lead to higher risks of obesity, cancer, depression, and death, while the lack of diversity in agriculture is bad because it reduces the gene pool, thereby making it harder for crops to adapt to global environmental changes.

Greening Healthcare

Recent research has shown that in Northern California, the annual average healthcare cost was found to be $374 lower per person per year for those living near the most green space than it was for those living near the least green space.

Colours of Distant Life

This poem is inspired by recent research, which has created a colour catalogue to help find life on distant, frozen worlds.

Basking No More

New research has shown that there has been a striking decrease in basking shark sightings in the California Current Ecosystem. In the mid-1900s, basking sharks were observed by the thousands each year off California’s coast. Now they are rarely seen at all in this region.

Deadly Nails

Give me your hand as I mask my concerns, sit back and relax with worries about skin as I remove old polish (how we talk)

Lingering Smoke

Stubborn stains swirl across the room, as yellowed rugs and mottled drapes swish callously in stifling drafts of vice. Surfaces soaked forever in the selfish

The Ancient Resilience of Trees

In aged woods you lie, bodies bent with wind and rot and time. Withered roots entwine the soil, labyrinths of memories that bind you to

Plastic Snow

At the top of the world you sparkle with seclusion, sheathed in winter’s blade from the grubby tracks of those tainted, foul machines. But something