A Fake Diamond in the Sky

Your pockmarked face conceals a hidden truth, Guarding your age like some resentful crone And leading us astray with dreams of youth. A replica of our most precious stone, Brought down by men whose footsteps fouled your home, Reveals to us when your decay set in. Your secret is no longer one you own; We … Read more

Self-Medicated Memories

You sit there, gently trembling in your cage – The tones ring out; the floor begins to hum. The sudden shock of pain you cannot gauge; Your body’s limp and everything feels numb.   The tones ring out; the floor begins to hum; Frozen in place because of abject fear, Your body’s limp and everything … Read more

A Synthetic Thread

The gossamer of human life Sways gently in a passing breeze. A whisper on a callous knife – The gossamer of human life. You take away the sting of strife, With artificial growth to please. The gossamer of human life Sways gently in a passing breeze. This is a Triolet, inspired by recent research into … Read more

The Leap Second

Time is reality – A reality that we have broken down And subjugated by splitting it into fractions That match the constructs Of our lives and actions. Thinking that we can constrain Its ceaseless movement by Deciding to refrain From measuring it in solar days or atomic units.   The people in charge have told … Read more

Sprouting Success

Some people find sprouts most delicious, Whilst others think they taste quite vicious. But some researchers found That when freeze-dried and ground, Their capacity is quite auspicious.   This is a Limerick, inspired by recent research published in RSC Advances which investigated the potential for Brussel sprouts to be used as materials in supercapacitors. A … Read more

A Musical Cavity

I sit down in the waiting room, The radio barks out some tune; My surgery will soon begin, I wish that they’d turn off that din.   I’m ready for the surgeon’s knife, I hope that I leave with my life; A layer of sweat forms on my skin, I wish that they’d turn off … Read more

We Are All Made of Stars

13.8 billion years ago the universe EXPLODED into life Cutting through space time like a celestial knife Through butter and Bringing with it every permutation And combination of events that Will ever occur. The remnants of that blast Forgot the heat of their ferocious past, And the tiny particles came together To form elements of … Read more

Plains of Paradise

The echoes of your past vibrate through space, And secrets lie beneath your broken skin; The cracks and rimless craters on your face, Reveal to us what’s hidden deep within.   Now frozen underground in super lakes, Under a pitted surface lined with breaks; A reservoir of life within our sight, To reach for when … Read more

A Circle of Life

  This is a shape poem, inspired by recent research that found the roundest object ever observed in nature to be a distant star called Kepler 11145123. Stars are not perfect spheres, as the centrifugal force that is created as they rotate forces them to oblate (i.e. flatten at the poles). The faster the star … Read more

The Heart of the Storm

Katrina gave her rage and wrath, Spat out a city frail and blind; Those who survived were shown no path, And broken hearts were left behind.   The second line of pain arrived, As gloom and sorrow now combined; Not everything could be revived, And broken hearts were left behind.   These bleeding, broken, ten-year … Read more

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