Basking No More

New research has shown that there has been a striking decrease in basking shark sightings in the California Current Ecosystem. In the mid-1900s, basking sharks were observed by the thousands each year off California’s coast. Now they are rarely seen at all in this region.

Deadly Nails

Give me your hand as I mask my concerns, sit back and relax with worries about skin as I remove old polish (how we talk)

Lingering Smoke

Stubborn stains swirl across the room, as yellowed rugs and mottled drapes swish callously in stifling drafts of vice. Surfaces soaked forever in the selfish

The Ancient Resilience of Trees

In aged woods you lie, bodies bent with wind and rot and time. Withered roots entwine the soil, labyrinths of memories that bind you to

Plastic Snow

At the top of the world you sparkle with seclusion, sheathed in winter’s blade from the grubby tracks of those tainted, foul machines. But something

Breaking Novel Boundaries

Countless contaminants pour forth from progress into organic systems that purred with life. Every novel entity a jagged cog catching the fabric of our planet’s

Uneven Water

Swirling underground, invisible toxins leach into view. Potent cocktails of mismanaged waste that ebb and drift and flow. Flow into wells that hide in plain

Experience of Violence

Thank you for taking the time to reflect on the proximities to violence in your life and social networks. You said you personally know X

Scratched into the Past

Greying apparitions scurry silently down hirsute paths, nestled amongst the cloying warmth of flaking skin. Their crude cement seeps across the contours of our ancient

Magnetic Tides

Surging through the spray, swelling hands cast salty nets through unseen lines. Stripes of shaded power that bulge and swing and sway. Shearing swathes of