Light Without Meat

The little dog waits for his master to come,

His belly is empty, his palette is numb.

Oh, when will there be some food in his bowl,

To these hunger pains, he will surely succumb.

But now comes dear Pavlov, and oh what a treat,

He looks to be holding a big hunk of meat.

There is also a buzzer and a strong bluish light,

The hunger now beats a hasty, salivating, retreat.

Two days go by with no food in sight,

The poor little dog can only sit tight.

Then once again, there is meat, light and sound,

The dog is a picture of salivating delight.

After three days, he is beginning to flake,

His body is starting to stiffen and shake.

Then once again, there is that strong bluish light,

However, this time only salivation, no steak.

After half a day more, the dog is done in.

Fading out of existence like an old Rin Tin Tin.

Then once again, there is that strong bluish light,

But no saliva dribbles down the poor doggie’s chin.

Sensing that something has gone badly awry,

Old Pavlov runs in with a loud battle cry.

No more, no more is that strong bluish light,

The inside of the dog’s mouth is bone dry.

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