An Unwanted Tomb

With lines on maps too hard to see,

Some call for less transparency;

The nightmares of an orange clown,

As walls go up the life goes down.


Our sisters, brothers, foes, and friends,

Will not escape this ethnic cleanse;

There’ll just be ghosts, no border town,

As walls go up the life goes down.


But human loss is just the start,

Of what this dam will tear apart;

The wildlife too will start to drown,

As walls go up the life goes down.


The paths they roam will cease to be,

Because of hate and bigotry;

Cloaked in extinction’s deathly gown,

As walls go up the life goes down.


By giving in to hate and fear,

We risk the loss of all that’s dear;

A fence is more than just a noun,

As walls go up the life goes down.

The US-Mexico border wall at Tijuana, Mexico (Photo Credit: Tomascastelazo, via Wikimedia Commons).

This is a Kyrielle, inspired by recent research into how the proposed US-Mexico border wall severely threatens biodiversity in both nations.

The US-Mexico border bisects the geographic ranges of over 1,500 plant and animal species, with 62 of these already listed as Critically Endangered, Endangered, or Vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. This research indicates that as well as the impact it will have on US and Mexican citizens, any permanent barrier would also harm wildlife populations by destroying existing habitats and blocking species migration. The researchers conclude that US national security must be pursued in a manner that simultaneously acts to protect national heritage.

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