Skies Turned Dead from Purest Blue

To soar like a bird would be a grand thing,

With flights through cobalt depths and azure seas;

Nothing against you but air on your wing

‘Til something bad came carried on the breeze,

As once again mankind did as they please

And suddenly your range was cut in two,

Whilst half of your brethren felt this unease,

As climate change meant you no longer flew

With careless thought, as skies turned dead from purest blue.

Freedom of flight (Photo Credit: Pixabay)
Freedom of flight (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

This is a Spenserian stanza about a recent study, which found that over 50% of bird species may lose more than half of their current geographic range because of climate change.

3 thoughts on “Skies Turned Dead from Purest Blue”

  1. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful stanza!!
    But as astonishing as it is true, human activities are beginning (if not already) to damage our skies which is, a sad sight. The clouds above represent not only nature’s freedom, but ours too. This means, we must protect them, no matter what, for every living being standing among us.

    • Thanks Jav. And I agree, the plight of the birds in this piece are a metaphor for our own future, which is looking pretty bleak if things carry on as they are.

      • Totally true, we are the ones responsible for our future and those behind us, not the selfish ones supposedly “leading” in the front.


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