Who’ll Save the Seagrass?

A flowering home for turtles and fish,

These mixed seagrass meadows harbour much life;

Moving in currents with a gentle swish,

Net global warming is less when they’re rife.

By burying carbon deep beneath

The sediment, stacked high in metres thick.

Excess carbon deposits it could sheath,

But now they are dying at rates too quick.

With one quarter of species under threat

Could this potential saviour be caught out?

As carbon credits quickly turn to debt,

In policies Blue Carbon counts for nowt.

The seagrass saves our coastline from the waves,

But who’ll save the seagrass from our malaise?

A Floridian seagrass bed.
A Floridian seagrass bed.

This is a Shakespearean sonnet written about this piece of research on the potential of seagrass to combating climate change

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  1. Very nice! Not just creative, but also a new way to deliver the message that our oceans need us more than ever. Great job!


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