As Colourful Explosions Light the Sky

The fifth of November we can’t forget, As colourful explosions light the sky; But rocket residue can cause a threat, Especially if humidity is high. The smoke and aerosols affect your eye, With visibility a quarter less On average, but when conditions are dry. With more moisture less vision will egress, And warnings should be … Read more

A Glacial Retreat

In Canada a study found, How glaciers melt in the West. The shrinkage is beyond profound, With seventy per cent at best; If we ignore the Earth’s request Then ninety-five per cent will go. New barren lands will not be dressed, With climate change too warm for snow, The alpine streams and sapphire lakes they … Read more

A Cold Wind Blows No More

Researchers have thrown us a new curve ball, That whilst cold snaps might now seem like the norm The surface heating variance will fall.   And as this variation takes its form, These surface changes will start to commence The global climate really to transform.   Less frequent cold snaps seem like common sense, But … Read more

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