The Heart of the Storm

Katrina gave her rage and wrath, Spat out a city frail and blind; Those who survived were shown no path, And broken hearts were left behind.   The second line of pain arrived, As gloom and sorrow now combined; Not everything could be revived, And broken hearts were left behind.   These bleeding, broken, ten-year … Read more

An Astronaut’s Broken Heart

Launched into space like puppets on a string, These metal ships danced fiercely on the waves; Such precious cargo was held deep within, Laden with men who would see early graves. A tranquil sea lay out before their eyes, Revealing scenes that only they have seen; The shadow of the Earth in a sunrise, Would … Read more

The Ballad of Werner Forssmann

When strolling once in old Berlin I was stopped by man and violin For two coins in his new tin can He would play me Dr Forssmann   As a young student in Berlin, still old Werner had been quite the intern bold One thing however had set him apart The catheter he inserted into … Read more

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