A Musical Cavity

I sit down in the waiting room, The radio barks out some tune; My surgery will soon begin, I wish that they’d turn off that din.   I’m ready for the surgeon’s knife, I hope that I leave with my life; A layer of sweat forms on my skin, I wish that they’d turn off … Read more

We Are All Made of Stars

13.8 billion years ago the universe EXPLODED into life Cutting through space time like a celestial knife Through butter and Bringing with it every permutation And combination of events that Will ever occur. The remnants of that blast Forgot the heat of their ferocious past, And the tiny particles came together To form elements of … Read more

Plains of Paradise

The echoes of your past vibrate through space, And secrets lie beneath your broken skin; The cracks and rimless craters on your face, Reveal to us what’s hidden deep within.   Now frozen underground in super lakes, Under a pitted surface lined with breaks; A reservoir of life within our sight, To reach for when … Read more

A Circle of Life

  This is a shape poem, inspired by recent research that found the roundest object ever observed in nature to be a distant star called Kepler 11145123. Stars are not perfect spheres, as the centrifugal force that is created as they rotate forces them to oblate (i.e. flatten at the poles). The faster the star … Read more

The Heart of the Storm

Katrina gave her rage and wrath, Spat out a city frail and blind; Those who survived were shown no path, And broken hearts were left behind.   The second line of pain arrived, As gloom and sorrow now combined; Not everything could be revived, And broken hearts were left behind.   These bleeding, broken, ten-year … Read more

Subterranean Homesick Fish

In deep dark ponds you gently glide, You made this cave your place to hide; Blessed with neither scales nor sight, You struggle blindly in the light.   The floods came down and flushed you out, Like Incy Wincy up the spout; Into a land of sun-drenched blight, You struggle blindly in the light.   … Read more

Artificial Pain

When something that once was has gone, It lingers in a phantom land; You find the strength to carry on, Then close your eyes and feel your hand.   It lingers in a phantom land, With memories left in your brain; Then close your eyes and feel your hand, You do not imagine the pain. … Read more

Fearful Fromage

We wish to carry out a test To find which food I most detest? Edam is good. Do you agree? Please take that cheese away from me!   And what of these cured meats and fish. They look like a delightful dish. You really find Gruyere beastly? Please take that cheese away from me!   … Read more

The Selflessness of Magpies

A selfish streak of silver in their heart, These scavengers are thieves without a band; In altruistic goals they play no part, An archipelago with just one land. But species that are blessed with sapphire wings, Have turned these ‘known’ conventions on their head; They do not care so much for shiny things, As knowing … Read more

Naked to Pain

Beneath your blind and wrinkled face, you know There lies a hidden strength on which to draw; You seethe and huddle in the ground below, With toothy grin and pallid, grotesque maw. So when we see your face we soon withdraw, As pride and vanity cannot pertain To something that has every outer flaw Having … Read more

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